How to make a website

how to make a website - a beginners guide

Does my business need a website? Well, in short, the answer is yes. Whether you are a major corporation or a one person show, then I would think we'd all agree that every business needs to advertise. Having your own website is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising around.

With some website designers asking thousands of dollars to set up a website, this is a good incentive to do it yourself.

So where do I start?

First thing to decide is what type of platform you would like to build your website on. Simply put, a platform can either be hand coded html (Hypertext Mark-up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JS (Javascript) and more or use a CMS (Content Management Systems) platform such as Wordpress. Wordpress is a very user friendly and simple website building platform that allows you to build a website without knowing anything about coding making it ideal for the beginner. Wordpress, isn't just for blogs. It is also a great website platform for building entire websites complete with online shopping carts. The possibilities are endless! Oh yeah, and the other thing is that it is completely free, has loads of free themes/layouts to choose from, is mobile ready (responsive) and with so many companies and people using Wordpress, it's very easy to find help if and when you need it. Also, if you decide that you would like to edit or add information to your Wordpress website, you can simply log in from anywhere in the world and do so. Companies that use Wordpress include Chicago Sun Times, The Walt Disney Company, BBC America and Sony Music. So you can see that Wordpress isn't just for beginners.

What is a responsive website?

Put simply, Responsive Web Design ensures that the website adjusts and displays correctly on any device from large computer screens to mobile phones without having to resize, pan and scroll more than necessary.

responsive website design

Where to now?

I am going to assume that you have decided to use Wordpress for your first website, so the next thing to do is decide on a domain name and a company to host your website. A domain name is the "website address" for example and the host (where your website files are stored), is like a piece of land to build your house or factory on. Whilst Wordpress is free, you will need to register your domain name and pay for hosting which will set you back around $5-$10 per month depending on what hosting company you choose to use. Even at $10 per month, this is still very cheap advertising for your business.

When choosing a domain name, try to think of a name that is memorable, relates to your business and is not too long. Think about using keywords that relate to your business. This can improve your SEO (search engine optimization). Choose a domain name that will still be relevant as your business grows and diversifies. With so many domain names already registered, it can be a bit difficult to come up with one but with some brain storming, you will. One very important thing to remember is to not allow your domain name to expire as you run the risk of another company or person registering it to use themselves or even holding it for ransom until you pay them money.

Now that you have decided on your website domain name, it is time to register it and sign up for some hosting. I use to host this website but there are a huge number of website hosting companies to choose from. I have listed some more here with their features.